An inside-out look at cyber security from Arctic Wolf CISO Adam Marrè

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An inside-out look at cyber security from Arctic Wolf CISO Adam Marrè

In this new episode of Techzine Talks on Tour, we take an inside-out look at cyber security. That is, we discuss challenges and developments a cyber security company faces. We do this with Adam Marrè, Chief Information Security Officer at Arctic Wolf, at RSA Conference in San Francisco. We also discuss current trends, AI (obviously) and the rise of deepfakes.

As the CISO of cyber security firm Arctic Wolf, Marrè has an interesting outlook on this. He’s not necessarily in the business of selling things, and doesn’t do a lot of customer meetings. His main focus is to keep Arctic Wolf’s platform safe. That’s extremely important, but also necessary if we do a quick search on Techzine for zero-days, breaches en leaks in cyber security software and platforms. Marrè’s job is to make sure that Arctic Wolf never gets on those pages.

Basic hygiene still challenge number one

To a certain extent the problems of the market and the potential issues that Arctic Wolf could run into don’t differ that much. It all comes down to taking a risk-based approach to cyber security. In such an approach it’s the basic stuff that still causes chaos at companies. Things like patching and managing identities are at the basis of a lot of problems in the world. It’s crucial everyone does more to tackle this. 

A company’s leadership plays a critical role in in defining an organization’s risk tolerance and how outsourcing security services can be both a boon and a challenge. Marrè further emphasizes that while outsourcing can strengthen a small team, it doesn’t replace the necessity for internal vigilance and a deep understanding of an organization’s unique risk landscape.

Finally, Marrè shares his insights on the immediate threats posed by deep fakes and misinformation, and the evolving landscape of AI-driven attacks and defenses. We discuss how AI has the potential to significantly enhance defensive capabilities by leveraging existing tools and data more effectively. 

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