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The new 5G automation software reduces the risk of managing a multi-vendor 5G network.

This week Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a new 5G automation software solution. The product includes HPE 5G Automated Assurance and a new 5G capability for HPE Service Director. Together these two features simplify the management of 5G networks, according to the company. They say it also reduces deployment risks through a zero-touch, closed-loop system.

The new automation software monitors and orchestrates the network functions, infrastructure, slices and services. It automatically acts on issues detected to secure service continuity. The software is pre-integrated with HPE’s open 5G solutions, including the HPE 5G Core Stack. Moreover, it uses open-source technologies and offers open APIs to integrate with multi-vendor deployments.

Addressing the vulnerabilities posed by 5G

HPE says that such a solution is necessary because of the way 5G works. The new standard will bring enhancements in terms of bandwidth, latency and the number of devices and services supported. However, it also introduces “massive complexity and operational risks” for network operators, according to HPE.

5G standards embrace open, cloud-native platforms that utilize disaggregated software and hardware components from a variety of vendors. As a result, HPE claims, telcos deploying 5G networks will need to manage and maintain numerous network slices. They also need to manage thousands of virtual machines and hundreds of virtual/containerized network functions (VNFs/CNFs) across “thousands of sites.”

Domenico Convertino, VP of Product Management, HPE Communications Technology Group, commented. “To fully seize the opportunity presented by 5G and network slicing, network operators need to embrace the open, cloud-native principles that have been built into the industry standards”, he said.

“In line with this approach, HPE has developed fully integrated automation capabilities that de-risk 5G deployments and maximize business return for network operators,” he added. “Building on our leadership in telco cloud, operations support systems and orchestration, we are introducing an integrated offering that accelerates automation in the industry.”

The 5G capability for HPE Service Director and HPE 5G Automated Assurance will be available globally in October 2021.