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Commvault Backup & Recovery and the optional Commvault Disaster Recovery and Commvault Professional Services expansion modules were introduced to the AWS Marketplace.

In doing so, Commvault aims to simplify the process of finding, testing, purchasing and deploying its platform and services.


Among other things, the AWS Marketplace provides businesses with a measure of flexibility and choice for finding, managing and deploying business-critical data on-premises and in cloud environments. Threat protection and disaster recovery, automation and monitoring are some of the many solution categories.

Intelligent Data Services’ arrival on the AWS Marketplace gives Commvault an opportunity to further expand the scope of its backup and disaster recovery products.

According to Commvault, the AWS introduction expands the wingspan of its backup and disaster recovery solution portfolio, offering protection and recovery of data in any location, at any desired scale.

Image source: Tada Images / Shutterstock.com