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Dataiku joins the Google Cloud Marketplace. Native connections of Google Cloud services and Dataiku simplify the application of the AI platform for organizations with Google Cloud environments.

Dataiku provides a platform for developing, deploying and managing AI applications. Routing required data is made relatively easy with prebuilt connectors. From there, the data can be structured, visualized and fed into machine learning models — models that can also be developed, deployed and managed using the platform.


Now Dataiku is announcing the availability of its platform on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Native connections between Dataiku and Google Cloud storage and AI services enable organizations to deploy Dataiku faster and more cost-effectively in Google Cloud environments.

Manvinder Singh, Director of Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud, expresses satisfaction with the launch. Taking into account Dataiku’s explosive growth, this should come as no surprise. Eight years after its founding, the company is worth $4.6 billion (€4 billion). Investor confidence is high. In 2020, the organization secured a $100 million round; in August of this year, $400 million.