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SAS is introducing open-source functionality to SAS Viya to enable the platform’s users to collect data and implement AI models.

According to SAS, developers need to be able to easily and automatically collect data for AI models in order to efficiently implement AI models — regardless of the technology they choose.

SAS Viya

Open-source solutions help with the latter. Cost-effectiveness and flexibility are inherent. Thus, SAS introduced more functionality for open-source customers to Viya. With the analytics platform, users can now more easily deploy a cloud-native infrastructure, make automated decisions in real-time and develop AI models with scalable parallel processing.

Other benefits

In addition, the platform helps with model governance and management processes for SAS and open-source. Viya provides capabilities for Python or R and integration of SAS functionality into other applications using REST APIs, deployment of AI models developed in SAS or open-source to cloud environments, containers, streaming services or on-site edge devices.

Furthermore, it is possible to write native Python code directly in the SAS development interface to perform various operational tasks.