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Starburst releases SaaS analytic package for cloud platforms

Starburst releases SaaS analytic package for cloud platforms

Data is migrating to the cloud, and Starburst Data Inc. is creating a solution that can allow organizations to execute SQL queries with ease.

More data is on the cloud today than ever before. Starburst Data is introducing the first-ever SaaS package that can run analytics on data across various cloud platforms to capitalize on this. This new solution is called Starburst Galaxy and was introduced in February. It allows organizations to manage cloud-native data and assess it quickly. Moreover, this solution is designed to be easily deployed and scaled as per an organization’s needs.

Capabilities of Star Galaxy

Companies that use the service will be able to send queries across their cloud database without sacrificing speed and efficiency. This means that organizations can run a standard SQL query such as selecting data to run analytics on or even as simple as joining tables on the cloud through this solution.

In addition, Star Galaxy allows users to access and execute queries on data stored in the world’s largest cloud platforms, namely AWS, Microsoft Corp, and Google Cloud Platform.

What makes Star Galaxy unique

According to a survey, 62% of organizations have claimed that they will be migrating all their data to the cloud by the end of 2021. Without a proper solution, running queries on cloud data can be a tedious task. Therefore, Star Galaxy has incorporated 50 connectors to their solution that will allow them to access various NoSQL databases and data warehouses. This functionality will allow them to extend data queries beyond conventional data lakes.

Its capability to minimize data egress fees by grouping queries into clusters and processing them on the cloud platform can be a saving grace for organizations shifting to the cloud, or majorly cloud storage.

Star Galaxy is still in its initial stages, and with time, organizations will be able to tap into its full potential.