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Cegeka buys Solver Sweden: ‘Scandinavia is ahead in data and AI’

Cegeka buys Solver Sweden: ‘Scandinavia is ahead in data and AI’

Cegeka, an all-round IT service provider, is acquiring data specialist Solver Sweden. In doing so, Cegeka gains several Business Intelligence and Data Engineer experts.

Cegeka hopes to use the acquisition of Solver Sweden to strengthen its Business Intelligence and Data Engineering expertise and gain territory in the Scandinavian market.

Cegeka was founded in 1988 for the digital transformation of a coal mine. At the time, the company consisted of a single data center, 30 employees and a handful of mainframe solutions. Over 30 years later, the organization runs on 5,000 employees and various infrastructure, cloud and network services.

Cegeka and Solver Sweden

“The team (Solver Sweden, ed.) has a ton of data experience in its pocket”, says Kristel Dermotte, Global VP Data Solutions at Cegeka. “There has never been a greater need for experts with experience in data and AI. We find this expertise in Solver Sweden.”

The choice of a Swedish company and a Swedish market is calculated. According to Cegeka, the market for data and AI is strongly developed in Scandinavia. “The region is at the head of the European pack,” said Denis van Nunen, managing director of Cegeka Sweden.

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