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The new version simplifies access and improves data management, according to TIBCO.

This week TIBCO announced the release of TIBCO WebFOCUS 9.0.0. The new version features new capabilities like TIBCO WebFOCUS Container Edition and a Hub, along with significant enhancements for TIBCO WebFOCUS Designer. These new features further strengthen the AI/ML experience for business users, analysts, and engineers, the company says. It does thuis by allowing them to leverage data and analytics from across the entire enterprise.

“Valuable data and AI/ML algorithms flow through absolutely every corner of an organization. The use of visual discovery and improved data management enables users and developers to turn that raw data into truly meaningful insights,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president, engineering, TIBCO.

TIBCO WebFOCUS Container Edition, a new capability of WebFOCUS, provides users with a completely scalable, microservices-based platform for container-based deployments. The solution simplifies and accelerates Kubernetes deployments for customers on-premises or in any cloud. With on-demand compute and parallel processing, customers can dynamically scale their environments and run multiple tasks concurrently, so jobs are completed faster.

The newest addition to TIBCO WebFOCUS is the Hub, which delivers a responsive user experience. Customers can now access content and data across any device through a workspace and applications directory, dramatically simplifying data access. The Hub’s visualization of recent and important data presents content in a personalized home screen for significantly faster access, helping users answer challenging questions and receive insights in real time.

A “game changing release”

Key enhancements to TIBCO WebFOCUS Designer capabilities now include the streamlined ability to create, manage, and stage datasets when authoring content. New options for enhancing and manipulating data when creating visual dashboards are also available. Users can now create multi-layer maps to show geographic information for multiple geolocation fields and data sources, all on a single map for easier comparison. Within Designer, data science and machine learning capabilities include instant insights, which enable customers to look at trends and seasonality changes in any data set.

Mark Palmer summarized the new platform: “This game-changing release of TIBCO WebFOCUS supports a containerized, cloud-native deployment, which includes dynamic auto-scaling to drive overall infrastructure and cloud costs down, allowing customers to pay only for what they use.”

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