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Cloudera launches all-in-one SaaS data lakehouse CDP One

Cloudera launches all-in-one SaaS data lakehouse CDP One

Cloudera introduces Cloudera Data Platform One (CDP One), an all-in-one SaaS data lakehouse. With this, Cloudera aims to make it easier to perform data analytics in cloud environments.

With the introduction of CDP One, the big data vendor aims to make it easier to perform self-service analytics and exploratory data science activities on any type of data. The platform, which is built on the technology of the existing CDP, should be an attractive data lake alternative for companies that still run analytics and data workloads in on-premises data centers.


CDP One should make it easier to bring workloads to the cloud, without companies having to think about regulations or lack of knowledge. By using this cloud-based solution, they can bring these workloads to a cloud-based architecture faster.

After the workloads are in the cloud, companies can analyze them using low-code and streaming analytics tools. Machine learning models can also then perform more targeted and complex analysis. Management is further in the hands of Cloudera.

In addition to this functionality, the CDP platform also provides all the computing power, storage, machine learning, streaming analytics and security needed. In addition, the Zero Ops functionality should enable the promised self-service analytics for any kind of data.

Cost Reduction

Ultimately, CDP One should enable companies to reduce analytics costs by up to 35 percent. Customers who want to take advantage of Cloudera CDP One now can request it from the big data specialist. General availability of the cloud-based solution is expected later this year.

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