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US cybersecurity specialist Forcepoint introduced its new platform, Forcepoint ONE Data Security at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. This advanced solution protects companies from improper data use based on zero-trust principles.

The suite of services and solutions provides integrated management of data security policies across multiple channels, such as endpoints, cloud-managed email, SaaS applications, websites, and applications. Forcepoint’s recently launched Data Security Posture Management solution is also part of the platform’s suite of AI tools.

This integration enables a comprehensive ‘data security everywhere’ strategy, covering every aspect of the data lifecycle. Forcepoint hopes this would eliminate the need for organizations to use complex multi-tool approaches.

Managing expanding regulations

Forcepoint ONE Data Security enables organizations to take action against all kinds of data threats. In addition, the platform helps comply with ever-expanding privacy regulations. It provides an ‘always-on’ security approach that covers all digital touchpoints, even in BYOD environments where employees are allowed to use their own devices for work purposes.

Forcepoint promises that the Forcepoint ONE cloud platform should also simplify the migration from legacy security systems to modern, integrated solutions. This would be much more efficient and reduce costs.

AI-driven classifiers

AI-driven classifiers should make it easier to identify intellectual property when using the platform. Such classifiers arrange data based on predetermined properties. They can be trained to recognize and possibly label certain patterns or behaviours. This should also reduce false positives.

Using AI-driven compliance, sensitive data is identified and tagged quickly and accurately. Forcepoint provides more than 1,700 out-of-the-box classifiers, templates, and policies. This facilitates rapid identification of data regardless of the industry or geographic location in which it is used.

Forcepoint ONE Data Security provides a single interface for the existing Forcepoint Risk-Adaptive Protection and Device Control services, streamlining incident response and enforcement of set policies. This comprehensive, full-stack toolkit enables rapid deployment of set policies, with agentless support for BYOD environments and near real-time security incident collection.

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