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Rubrik has introduced Enterprise Proactive Edition (EPE), helping companies gain visibility into all sensitive data

With the new Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solution, companies can better manage data distributed across all their environments. This should help with trends such as AI and IoT, as more data is generated that is currently still stored in different places within corporate environments.

Identifying these different data locations is becoming essential, primarily to mitigate security and privacy risks. In addition, DSPM is increasingly seen as the ideal opportunity for businesses to protect against various cyber threats, including “double” extortion from ransomware attacks.

Capabilities Rubrik EPE

Rubrik EPE offers several capabilities for identifying these various data locations and further DSPM functionality. The solution provides comprehensive visibility for data in hybrid environments, such as cloud, SaaS, or on-premises environments. It also allows administrators to monitor data assets for sensitive data, different levels of protection, and user access policies.

In addition, Rubrik EPE provides visibility into the activities performed with all data. Furthermore, the solution helps detect misconfigurations, allowing IT and security teams to intervene faster and make corrections, thus preventing unintended exposure of this data.

Based on Laminar Technology

The solution is based on DSPM technology from Laminar, which Rubrik acquired last year. This has released the first joint solution offering businesses a complete cyber resilience offering, integrating data recovery and posture management across multiple enterprise environments.

Rubrik EPE is now generally available.

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