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Rubrik is buying Israeli data-observability specialist and start-up Laminar Technologies. The technology should further expand the data protection capabilities of the Rubrik Security Cloud platform.

The cost of the acquisition has not been disclosed, but is estimated at 91 million euros ($100 million). Other amounts mentioned range from 181 million euros ($200 million) to 228 million euros ($250 million).

Preventing data breaches in the cloud

Laminar offers technology that helps companies map their cloud-based data assets and also knows how to detect information not securely stored.

Specifically, the platform maps all records in customers’ cloud environment(s). It then uses machine learning to automatically find the files that contain sensitive data, such as login credentials and passwords. Other things found include when records were created, where they are stored and who has access to the files.

Next, the Laminar platform maps out which files have an increased risk of hacking, such as files that give access to more users than necessary. For this, it then assigns potential cybersecurity issues and recommends safeguards to resolve them.

Enhancing Rubrik Security Cloud

Rubrik plans to use Laminar’s technology to enhance data protection functionality in its Rubrik Security Cloud platform. In addition, Rubrik plans to open a new research and development center in Israel that will focus primarily on cybersecurity.

Incidentally, the data protection and observability specialist was not the only company interested in Laminar. The start-up is also said to have attracted the attention of Datadog, for example. Laminar previously received investments from Salesforce, SentinelOne and other security companies, among others.

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