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Arctic Wolf is tackling common threats to organizations. It does so by integrating with SSE solutions from Cato Networks, Netskope and Zscaler.

Arctic Wolf’s Managed Detection & Response platform picks up all suspicious activity within organizations’ IT infrastructure. To accomplish this feat, it works with technology that companies already own. However, employee behaviour is constantly changing, allowing attackers to exploit new dangers. Hybrid work is one of those dangers: endpoints like laptops and phones connect via edge devices to on-prem and cloud environments, making securing an enterprise network much more complex than before. Employees can be anywhere, so they need to be able to connect both securely and quickly.

Secure access

Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions are in demand to securely connect employees to IT infrastructure. Arctic Wolf cites that they simultaneously fulfill the roles of secure Web gateways, cloud access security brokers, and zero-trust network access venders. The core mission of parties such as Cato Networks, Netskope, and Zscaler is to keep data and systems secure regardless of employee location or devices used.

Just security is not enough: visibility is also important. After all, if an attacker does try to get in, a party like Arctic Wolf analyzes what activities this threat actor performs. Relatively simple attacks such as credential stuffing and dictionary attacks (where commonly used words are entered on a login page in hopes of success) Arctic Wolf says it can prevent.

“SSE solutions are quickly becoming the new frontline in a company’s cybersecurity perimeter,” Arctic Wolf-CPO Dan Schiappa observes.

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Simple attacks predominate

Arctic Wolf Labs’ research shows that protection is emphatically needed. Its 2024 Threat Report cites that 46.3 percent of all incident response actions occur through reused credentials and brute force attacks. Arctic Wolf says its proprietary detection model against brute force attacks provides protection that is faster and more accurate than stand-alone solutions. The security player’s platform pulls context from multiple sources to accomplish this.

Eyal Webber-Zvik, VP of Product Marketing & Strategic Alliances at Cato Networks, said he is pleased with the Arctic Wolf integration. “Traditionally, organizations have faced challenges due to blind spots across their WAN, internet, and cloud traffic, often caused by separate, siloed point solutions. Partnering with Arctic Wolf enables our mutual customers to close these blind spots.”

David Willis, VP of Technology Alliances at Netskope, is also enthusiastic. “Powerful insights and protection come from correlating raw data across multiple views and sources. This Arctic Wolf integration leverages Netskope’s unique information around, atypical, high risk, or malicious user engagement with cloud and SaaS resources, and turns that into actionable intelligence for modern SOC teams to benefit from.”

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