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Google launched AI Test Kitchen to a select number of users, allowing participants to test experimental AI systems before they go into production.

AI Test Kitchen was announced during Google I/O earlier this year. The tool is now available to a select number of invitees. Google plans to make AI Test Kitchen generally available at a later stage.

The tool gives users access to demos of Google’s latest AI technology. Users get to test the technology before it moves into production. In turn, Google learns how the technology will be used.

Rotating demos

Like a real test kitchen, the tech giant will provide a changing set of apps within the tool. The first set allows users to test capabilities destined for the latest version of Google LaMDA. LaMDA is a language model that queries the Internet to answer questions with humanlike responses.

Security layers

Google added several security layers to AI Test Kitchen to counter the risks of AI systems, including biased statements. These measures should automatically detect words and phrases that violate Google’s policies on the subject. The text is automatically filtered out upon discovery.

Other initiatives

Free AI functionality isn’t new. Microsoft, Meta, OpenAI and GitHub released similar testing initiatives in the past. One of the most well-known releases is OpenAI’s GTP-3 AI engine, which writes humanlike articles without human intervention.

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