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AWS made IoT FleetWise generally available. The IoT service allows users to collect sensor data from vehicles and route the data to cloud environments.

The service helps automotive companies collect vehicle data from embedded sensors. The service was designed for car manufacturers, parts manufacturers and delivery companies, among others.

The service should help migrate collected data to other cloud environments for further analysis and operations. According to AWS, the IoT solution eliminates the need for proprietary, company-built software to collect and upload logs. Companies can process vehicle data faster while reducing software costs.


The solution uses the AWS IoT FleetWise Edge Agent to collect the necessary data from vehicles. The agent can be installed in various subsystems within vehicles, such as the telematic control unit. This built-in device facilitates network connections to cloud environments. Upon installation, the Edge Agent routes the data to a cloud environment of choice.

The ways in which the AWS IoT FleetWise Edge Agent collects sensor data can be customized by users. For example, the agent can be configured to only track vehicle speeds or engine temperatures. Furthermore, the agent can filter out data that isn’t immediately required for analysis. The latter functionality makes it possible to manage bandwidth requirements by, for example, exclusively uploading high-priority data.


The solution is written in C++ and distributed as source code. The code for collecting, decoding, normalizing, caching and feeding vehicle data into AWS’ public cloud environment is also available on GitHub. Its broad availability allows the solution to be deployed in various types of vehicle systems.

In addition, the solution helps standardize vehicle data. Different vehicles often provide different types of data, which makes data processing a challenging task. The AWS IoT FleetWise Edge Agent is capable of automatically converting various types of vehicle data into a single data format.

The solution is now generally available in AWS cloud regions US East and Europe (Frankfurt). Other cloud regions will follow soon.