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Artificial intelligence firm DataRobot introduced a fully managed edition of its AI Cloud platform, which enables organizations to build machine learning software and apps rapidly without coding expertise.

DataRobot’s AI Cloud platform debuted a year ago. At the time, the business said it served as a single centre for its customers’ AI endeavours, delivering all of the capabilities required to program and deploy machine learning applications.

DataRobot’s AI Cloud significantly simplifies the task of developing machine learning applications. The platform employs its own AI algorithms to assist users in creating unique machine learning models without coding expertise.

DataRobot recently launched a managed version of its platform. According to DataRobot, many organizations’ AI programs have gotten more complicated, spanning several business divisions and teams. The new DataRobot Dedicated Managed AI Cloud platform simplifies enterprises’ AI operations by eliminating deployment and maintenance challenges.


After establishing their safety, isolation and data residency needs, users are set. Each Dedicated Managed AI Cloud deployment is housed in a dedicated and independent virtual private cloud administered, monitored and serviced by DataRobot professionals.

Venky Veeraraghavan, Senior Vice President of Product at DataRobot, said that clients benefit from Dedicated Managed AI Cloud in several ways. By delegating operational workflows to DataRobot, customers can focus on delivering business results while retaining security requirements and reaping the benefits of the cloud’s always-updated capabilities.

DataRobot AI Cloud

DataRobot AI Cloud analyzes the data users wish to process, chooses the best neural network for the job and automatically polishes it to improve performance. Everything is done using a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing professionals without coding experience to develop ML models.

Users upload the data files they wish to process and highlight features of interest, after which DataRobot matches the data to any application to provide analytical capabilities.

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