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Artificial intelligence startup DataRobot unveiled DataRobot Notebooks, a notebook solution fully integrated within the company’s AI platform.

The new feature aims to simplify collaborations across code-based workflows by allowing data scientists to create a notebook with one click.

DataRobot specializes in streamlining AI software development processes. Its flagship product, DataRobot AI Cloud, is a point-and-click AI building tool that helps individuals without coding skills generate machine learning models.


To create an AI model, three key processes have to be completed: choosing the right neural network algorithm, modifying it and training it on test data. DataRobot AI Cloud simplifies various tasks associated with these stages.

The program also includes sophisticated capabilities that simplify feature engineering, i.e. the process of choosing critical data points that AI should consider. Since notebooks are a crucial tool for data scientists to quickly experiment with AI models and communicate findings through interactive computations and code snippets, DataRobot Notebooks are especially beneficial for technical users.

The management of machine learning projects can get more difficult as they grow and generate more notebooks, with technical dependencies and libraries piling up over time.

DataRobot Notebooks

DataRobot Notebooks is a unified environment with centralized governance features and fine-grained access controls, allowing data scientists to organize, collaborate and share notebooks and other assets securely.

The notebooks are fully compatible with the popular Jupyter Notebook standard, helping onboard users more efficiently. The notebooks come with predefined, preinstalled containerized environments that contain commonly-used open-source machine learning libraries such as NumPy, Seaborn, scikit-learn and SciPy.

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