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According to a quarter of IT professionals, artificial intelligence will cause jobs in the IT sector to disappear. This will be partly due to the advent of Intelligent Automation.

That’s one of the findings of research by NTT DATA. The company shared the conclusions, drawn after surveying 500 IT professionals. Although a portion of IT professionals think jobs will disappear, they also see both technologies as solutions to staff shortages. For example, 28 percent state that Intelligent Automation will allow the organization to better deal with the shortage. AI (one in five) also contributes.

The survey also notes that in the past, not all new technologies had been popular. IT professionals now pin most of their business hopes on AI (30 percent). Intelligent Automation (18 percent) follows next. XR, consisting of virtual reality and augmented reality, is seen as the least promising for businesses.

Budget priorities

At the same time, NTT DATA states in the survey that 37 percent spend less than 10 percent of the IT budget on AI. Only nine percent spend more than 20 percent.

A surprising finding in this area is that the largest portion of the IT budget goes to blockchain. This technology is seen as the most promising technology by nine percent of IT professionals. 13 percent of organizations spend more than one-fifth of the IT budget on it.

“We humans are creatures of habit. We cling to what we know and new things we don’t like at first. Still, it’s important that you and your organization explore what new emerging technologies are out there. What can you use them for? And (how) can they help your business further,” states Telecom Lead Benelux Aart-Jan Schouten of NTT DATA.

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