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The tech giant has chosen to release new features for Windows 11 as and when they are ready rather than waiting for the annual fall update. While the headlining feature of the latest update is support for the AI-powered preview of “the new Bing,” which includes the infamous Bing chatbot, there are several other significant changes that enhance existing Windows 11 apps and features.

The Notepad app has been updated to support tabs, allowing users to view multiple notes in a single window.

The Quick Assist app has also been redesigned to streamline the process of remotely connecting to, viewing the screen of, and taking control of a PC for remote tech support. Additionally, the Snipping Tool has been updated to support recording on-screen videos, making it more helpful in recording app demos or other snippets.

New widgets

There are also new first- and third-party widgets seeking to make widgets more useful. A “collapsed,” icon-free version of the taskbar will now appear on convertible PCs when the keyboard is detached or folded away, allowing more room for websites and apps. The Settings app now includes an “energy recommendations” section recommending tweaks to optimize battery life.

One exciting addition is the iOS support for the Phone Link app, which allows iPhone users to make and receive phone calls, view and send text messages, and view their phone’s contacts.

However, users can only view their message history or tell whether they are sending SMS messages or iMessages once they return to their phone. The update also allows Samsung phone users to take advantage of easy hotspot pairing from Windows’ Wi-Fi menu and to send browser tabs from phone to PC.

Update required

The updates require the Windows 11 2022 Update to be installed first. You can download it today by checking Windows Update and manually installing the available update preview. Microsoft plans to roll out the update to all Windows 11 22H2 PCs next month, barring major issues.

Microsoft has teased that there will be more Windows 11 feature drops throughout the year, including the 23H2 update in the fall. The tech giant is testing a redesigned File Explorer with a more modernized codebase and a possible replacement for the upcoming update for obnoxious RGB lighting controller apps.

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