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Google is also opting to incorporate a chatbot option in its Search engine. The company is thus following in Microsoft’s footsteps, which recently added Bing Chat, which offers the ability to talk to an AI bot.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that the AI feature is coming. “The capabilities are more extensive than before,” he said. Pichai promises that the expansion will make for a more humanlike approach of using the search function.


For a long time, Google has been the undisputed leader around the development of large language models, the technology behind such chatbots, among quite a few other applications. However, the competition got a lot heftier when OpenAI arrived with ChatGPT. Not too long ago, Google introduced its stand-alone chatbot Bard as an alternative, with initially mixed reactions. This bot has since received a behind-the-scenes upgrade with the larger PaLM model.

Chatbots paired with a search function are not without controversy. For example, Microsoft was heavily criticized when it turned out that its Bing Chat could temporarily come across as very offensive. This tendency has since been removed from the model.