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Google’s AI tool Bard has received an update. The generative chatbot has been enhanced with the tech giant’s advanced large language model PaLM. This should give it more functionality.

In an interview for the New York Times podcast, Google CEO Sundar Pichai indicated that the generative AI tool Bard has now received an update with the PaLM model. This should bring more functionality to the tool.

These include better reasoning, better answering “multi-step” prompts, better coding and better answering mathematical questions. The update is said to have already been released.

Strength of PaLM AI model

Launched last year, the large language model PaLM has as many as 540 billion parameters. The higher the number of parameters, the more tasks a neural network can perform. In tests by Google, the AI model managed to achieve higher scores compared to OpenAI’s GPT-3 model.

The previous version of Bard was still trained on Google’s LaMDA model. This model was introduced just a little earlier than PaLM last year, but has “only” 137 billion parameters.

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