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After years of waiting, Apple’s iMessage is finally reaching Windows. Microsoft announced that Phone Link for iOS is now available for all Windows 11 customers. The move allows users to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages, access contacts, and view notifications directly on their PC.

Previously available as an early preview to Windows Insiders, the feature will begin rolling out to the global customer base. Although it may take a few weeks to reach all customers, the announcement is exciting news for iPhone users who have yet to enjoy the same level of integration with their Windows devices as Android users.

The lack of support for Windows has likely kept some consumers from exploring the Windows PC ecosystem, as they wanted a more seamless experience when moving between their devices.

An advantage to businesses

For business, this is a move they will have been waiting for. One key advantage of Phone Link is that business professionals can respond to texts, track calls, and view incoming notifications more discreetly. In the process, it makes the application an essential tool for meetings and other professional environments.

Additionally, users who need to charge their iPhones can still keep up with calls, texts, and notifications while the phone is plugged in elsewhere. To start with Phone Link, users need to pair their iPhone to their PC over Bluetooth, which includes scanning a QR code on the screen and granting permission for content syncing to the PC.

Phone Link will direct users to grant permissions on their iPhone within the phone’s Bluetooth settings, which allows them to receive their phone’s notifications on their PC and access their contacts.

While Phone Link offers essential support for calls, messages, and contacts, it does have some limitations. For instance, it does not support replying to group messages or sending media messages. And because the messages are session-based, they’ll only come through when the phone is directly connected to the PC.

On the other hand, notifications will be delivered to the PC through Windows notifications, allowing users to check, pin, and dismiss them from the Windows interface.

To use Phone Link, users need an iPhone with iOS 14 or higher, Windows 11, a Bluetooth connection, and the latest version of the Phone Link app, which comes preinstalled with Windows 11.

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