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Twitter will archive unused accounts

Twitter will archive unused accounts

Elon Musk announced via a tweet that Twitter will be deleting inactive accounts. Accounts that have not logged in for “several years” will be archived.

According to the Twitter CEO, it is important to make certain usernames available again. The platform was founded in 2006 and has more than 200 million users who access the app daily.


Ex-Meta chief John Carmack immediately after Musk’s revelation raised the importance of preserving old tweets. Musk responded that old accounts will be archived, but not in what way. According to the Twitter CEO, the platform is a “digital town square.” For that reason, the platform is a giant resource for historical events. Twitter had a central role in the Arab Spring in 2011 and the 2016 U.S. election, to name just two prominent examples.

Twitter has made many changes recently, such as introducing Twitter Blue or withdrawing free API access. After much ado, though, the company can quickly change course again after Musk announces something. Twitter is also facing a massive drop in ad revenue, partly due to the alleged increase in unwanted content found in a Twitter timeline. Recently, Microsoft stopped supporting it on its ad platform.