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The end is near for the native integration of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides in Dropbox. The cloud service spread the word in an email Sunday morning. Customers are given a 30-day window to comply with new rules.

Customers still have 30 days to withdraw Google Workspace files from their Dropbox. That’s because the cloud file-sharing service is discontinuing native integration of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

It has been possible to create, edit and share Google documents in the Dropbox environment since 2018. Dropbox and Google Cloud decided that year to form a partnership. This kicked off the integration of cloud-based productivity tools and content from Google Workspace’s predecessor, G Suite, into Dropbox.

Smaller collaboration

The collaboration will not be fully ended. In the future, the Dropbox environment will feature only links to documents in Google Drive, according to the e-mail. “This change will ensure you maintain access to your Google files, they remain organized with the rest of your Dropbox content, and you can use the most up-to-date Google features,” the company adds.

Files that remain in the cloud service for too long are automatically converted to Microsoft Office files. These can always be converted back to Google format. The only risk you take is content that will be lost or altered.