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Google postpones migration of free G Suite users

Google postpones migration of free G Suite users

Google is postponing the migration deadline of free G Suite accounts to paid Google Workspace accounts. Users gain an additional two months.

Earlier this year, Google announced the end of its free G Suite version. Though new users are unable to freely use the software, existing accounts have been exempt from licensing changes throughout the years. Google is forcing these accounts to migrate to Google Workspace, a paid service.

An investigation by tech website Ars Technica now reveals that Google has quietly extended the deadlines by one month. The final migration will start on June 1.


The initial deadline was set for May 1. Users wanting extra time were able to sign up for a waiting list before June 1, 2022. Anyone outside the waiting list was to be migrated automatically. Those without a paid Workspace subscription would be suspended for 60 days. If users failed to respond before by August 1, 2022, all account data would be deleted.

The migration deadline of the waiting list is postponed by one month, starting on August 1, 2022. Therefore, the final removal will start on October 1, 2022. Google’s reasons remain unknown.