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Meta plans to launch an Instagram-linked microblogging service this week: Threads. This will be a Twitter competitor, Reuters writes.

Users can post short messages on the new Threads service, to which other users can respond. The link to Instagram with the text-based conversation app ensures that users can also continue to follow their Instagram accounts within Threads and keep the same username.

The new microblogging service would initially be available in the Apple App Store, Reuters indicates. Whether the service will also become available for Android in Google Play is still unknown.

Twitter limits functionality

The launch by Meta comes at a precarious time. Twitter is shaking things up and has made many changes in recent days that significantly limit the use of the social media platform.

For example, several limits have been placed on viewing tweets for end users who do not pay for verification through the blue checkmarks. In addition, the use of Tweetdeck will also be reserved only for subscribers with a blue checkmark. Previously, third-party applications have been cut off from the Twitter API.

According to Elon Musk, the recent measures are necessary to put an end to massive data scraping allegedly taking place on the Twitter platform. Companies would scrape data on the social media platform for training AI models.

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