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GitHub Enterprise Cloud gets limit on audit log search queries

GitHub Enterprise Cloud gets limit on audit log search queries

GitHub is instituting a limit on audit log search queries for Enterprise Cloud. Users can perform a maximum of 15 search queries per minute starting August 1. The aim is to relieve pressure on data stores.

Through the audit log API, Enterprise Cloud users can automatically pull in near real-time business and organizational audit log events. This way, businesses can monitor all GitHub activity in real-time, implement more security and troubleshoot issues.

15 queries per minute

To do this, GitHub’s audit log API must be reliable, constantly available and scalable. And that’s where the shoe pinches right now, GitHub indicates. The usage and pressure on this feature has increased significantly.

GitHub has therefore decided to limit the number of so-called “high-cost” queries per minute to 15 as of Aug. 1. The developer platform is also considering further tightening the limit later.

Preparation and data streaming

The developer platform advises business users to prepare for this new limit. First, by setting the programs and integrations that submit search queries to the audit log API to a maximum of 15 search queries per minute.

They should also receive an update that respects so-called HTTP 429 responses. This by dynamically adapting to the “back-pressure” given by GitHub systems.

Furthermore, for near real-time monitoring, companies can ensure that they can stream their corporate (GitHub) audit log to third-party services. Suitable services for this include Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage or Event Hub, Datadog, Splunk or Google Cloud storage.

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