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Google is further refining AI search results. The framework with AI-generated content thus gets a graphical aspect. Mobile users can also discover a Web browser that has new AI features.

Google is supplementing its search engine with generative AI features. For now, the new search experience remains testable only through Search Labs, which requires users to register. The search engine should eventually come to desktop and mobile. Google already revealed its new search experience during Google I/O. The Search Generative Experience (SGE) should make the search engine more “visual, snackable, personal and human.

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Results get a more graphical slant with the latest update. Search results will get a frame of AI-generated content supplemented with images or videos. Hema Budaraju, senior director of product management at Google Search, explains that in this way Google wants to improve search results for users who prefer graphics.

Furthermore, adjustments will be made to display the framework with AI-generated content faster. Finally, suggested web results will feature a publication date.

AI features in Chrome for mobile

Google is also weaving AI into its Chrome web browser. For mobile users, some new AI features will become available immediately.

At the top of the bar where you find the web address, you can now search for related websites by clicking on the address bar. Potentially interesting websites will also appear if you select one or more words in a text. Chrome will then show you some websites that contain more information about the topic you highlighted.

Furthermore, Chrome tries to push you in new search directions by immediately showing the most searched topics of the moment when you open a new tab. Finally, Chrome shows more search suggestions when you are searching. The number expands from six to 10.