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ChromeOS takes cues from Android design in version 117

ChromeOS takes cues from Android design in version 117

ChromeOS is increasingly getting a more modern look and feel, according to the latest information about the operating system’s design. The new design should become available in version 117 of the operating system.

According to tech website 9to5google , ChromeOS is increasingly getting a modern look and feel. The final visual make-up will be a mix between the ChromeOS operating system as we know it today and that of Google’s mobile operating system Android.

Material You and Google Tasks widget

For this look, the Material You tab will be added in the settings menu. This allows users to control how the various sidebar tabs work. In the current presentation, these tabs are simply used as shortcuts and everything is presented in a long list. The new design collects settings under overarching sections.

In addition to the new Material You tab, a new Google Tasks widget will also become available. This widget appears next to the calendar and can thus be found by tapping the time. The feature allows you to create to-do lists on a Chromebook and, in addition to personal lists, has room to jot down tasks for school or work under its own tab.

Further features such as updated media controls and a new welcome introduction are said to be on the cards.

ChromeOS version 117

The new features are already available “under the radar” in development versions of ChromeOS. More specifically, they are listed for ChromeOS 117, but it is still unclear when they will become available to everyone.

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