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Microsoft is infusing Windows 11 with AI. According to the company, even simpler tools such as Paint, the Snipping Tool and the Photos app could get optimizations.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is trying every possible way to get AI into Windows 11. The latest experiments focus on the Snipping Tool, the Photos app and Paint.

Paint becomes DALL-E

Paint faces a DALL-E future with the addition of AI. In other words, the app will be able to generate images based on prompts. Microsoft previously released an image generator for Bing and is considering implementing the same technology in Paint.

According to initial images, the image generator appears to be placed under the new “Magic Paint” button. There, a user describes in words what image it wants to generate, and AI tries to fulfil that wish.

Automatic identification

For the Photos app and the Snipping Tool, adding AI will mean that things in an image will be automatically recognized. In the Photos app, you can then crop out identified objects and people to place them in another photo. With the Snipping Tool, optical character recognition (OCR) technology will be added. This technology identifies text in an image, to let users copy it to the clipboard. The Camera app will reportedly get the same technology.

There is no certainty that these features will ever make it to Windows 11. In the near future, the annual September update is scheduled and this update will bring larger changes to the OS. It is expected that from this update on, it will be possible to get rid of the Camera app, Photos app and other pre-installed apps.