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Microsoft will give Windows 11 users the chance to remove more pre-installed apps from the OS. Testing is currently going on.

The Windows 11 operating system contained a host of pre-installed apps from the launch. Some could be found in the taskbar, while others could be found via the search bar and thus not directly visible. Users were certainly not waiting for all this bloatware. Still, they were stuck with it, as removal options were severely restricted.

Microsoft already relaxed the options in the past and will now work on this even further. In a new build of Windows 11, users will have the ability to remove the Camera app, the Cortana app, the Photos app, People app and the Remote Desktop client.

Cortana is a productivity assistant that helps users focus. The app has a limited lifespan anyway, as Microsoft plans to abandon it as a standalone app and will remove it from Teams in the fall.

Rollout in September?

Currently, the function is being tested in the Canary Channel. The next major update for the OS is scheduled for September, although it is not certain that Microsoft will release it then.

Microsoft will release Windows 11 version 23H2 in the fall. In it, the first version of Windows Copilot steals the show. This is an AI assistant deeply integrated into the operating system Windows.

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