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Latest version of Microsoft OneDrive simplifies management and file sharing

Latest version of Microsoft OneDrive simplifies management and file sharing

Microsoft recently presented the third version of its OneDrive cloud storage service. The new version should give (business) users even better management and use of files on the Internet, in Windows and, of course, in the various Microsoft 365 applications.

In the newly announced recent (Web) version of OneDrive, Microsoft has made a large number of changes. These include a so-called ‘Fluent’ design that gives the cloud storage service more of the look and feel of Windows 11, the latest Office apps and File Explorer.

One-stop shop for files

Among other things, shared view has also been implemented, which provides an overview of all files and Office documents shared with a user. These can be shared across various platforms: it can be done via Teams, e-mail or other means. File access in the interface has also been improved.

Files collaborating with others can be found by name or by profile picture, the colours of folders can be customized and frequently used folders can be found anywhere as favourite folders.

OneDrive thus becomes a kind of one-stop-shop where users can find and manage all their files.

Een screenshot van onedrive naar huis.

Linking with (Office) applications

Microsoft’s cloud storage service also gets other functionality. Among other things, it becomes easier to open files from the web version of OneDrive in various native applications. This will also include opening CAD and PDF files.

The new OneDrive experience will soon be available for the file sections in Teams and in Outlook. For the latter application, the functionality will become available as early as December of this year.

Integration with Copilot

Furthermore, the Microsoft AI service Copilot will be added to OneDrive -also in December 2023. This will be possible for anyone with a Microsoft 365 Copilot license.

This will then allow users to get summaries of their files in the online cloud storage service based on context and relevance, or overviews of new important changes to files.

Most of the new features of the revamped OneDrive can already be tested via onedrive.com. Most functionality, apart from integration with outlook and Copilot integration, available in early 2024.

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