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Google enables image creation with AI in search bar

Google enables image creation with AI in search bar

The AI-supported Search Generative Experience (SGE) tool is getting functionality for creating images based on text prompts.

Google has been experimenting with a generative AI-supported version of its Search tool for some time through Google Labs. SGE has gained a lot of functionality recently, including the ability to write AI-supported summaries, create definitions of unknown terms, code improvements and specific travel and product search features.

New image creation functionality

Recently, the tech giant expanded Google SGE’s features again. Now, for example, it’s possible to create images in a “conversational” way. It’s akin to how the Microsoft search engine Bing can generate images using DALL-E 3.

Tip: DALL-E 3 functionality is now in Bing Image Creator for free

The images created by Google SGE are displayed directly in the discussion and can be downloaded as PNG files.

Een afbeelding van een bever met een koksmuts.

Under the hood, the application runs Google’s Imagen text-to-image AI model. The functionality will also be available in Google Image Search.

The functionality will be limited to users over the age of 18, however, and appropriate restrictions will be applied. The metadata of captured images will indicate that they were generated by AI and a watermark invisible to the human eye will be applied.

Writing Assistant

Another new feature helps Google SGE become more of a writing assistant. This tool can already produce a written draft, but now it’s possible to apply different forms of writing. For example, it can display long or short texts and changing the “tone of voice” to more formal or “plain.

Een schermafdruk van een Google-zoekpagina.

Users of the image creation and writing functionality can now also export the results to, for example, Google Workspace, Gmail or Google Docs. Images can be saved directly to Google Drive.

The results of both new features will be available immediately in Google SGE, initially, however, only in the US. When we will be able to use the functionality is still unknown.

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