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DALL-E 3 functionality is now in Bing Image Creator for free

DALL-E 3 functionality is now in Bing Image Creator for free

Microsoft has now integrated OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 AI image functionality into its intelligent Bing Image Creator tool for free. This allows users to generate high-quality images based on text prompts even more easily via prompts in the Microsoft AI chat tool.

The free integration of the DALL-E 3 model into Bing Image Creator and Bing Chat is noteworthy, as OpenAI itself currently only offers this latest version of its AI imaging tool to paying users via integration into ChapGPT Plus.

This means users can save money and avoid paying for the use of DALL-E 3 via Bing Image Creator/Bing Chat.


The new integration of the AI imaging tool allows users to generate more realistic images with prompts that are followed more precisely, especially compared to previous versions of the AI model in question. Also, the generated images are more realistic than before and look more “creative”, allegedly.


With the integration, Microsoft has also ensured that usage is more secure. For example, all images created via Bing Image Creator are now watermarked invisibly. This includes metadata about the time and date of creation and confirmation that the image was created using AI.

Furthermore, a content moderation system ensures that in Bing Chat any images deemed potentially harmful or “inappropriate” are removed. This is based on terms of use and community guidelines to ensure that images containing nudity, violence or illegal activity are rejected.

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