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The social media platform X adds subscriptions of three and sixteen euros per month. Those who pay the most get not only an ad-free platform but also more attention from other X users.

Premium+ is the most extensive subscription with a price tag of sixteen euros per month. This buys you a blue checkmark by your name, a higher position of your reaction to others’ posts, and the platform becomes ad-free.

Blue checkmark still relevant?

The blue checkmark should also ensure the Premium+ subscription gets you more attention. The status symbol used to appear only on active and leading accounts. Moreover, it was not possible to enforce possession of the badge, as verification was done by the social media platform itself based on its own rules.

After Musk took over, a new possibility of acquiring the badge was added: “The account has an active subscription to the revamped X Blue and meets our requirements,” indicates an article in X’s Help Center. Users who know about the possibility of purchasing the checkmark may not attach the same value to the symbol as before. Therefore, paying a monthly subscription is certainly no guarantee of online success.

By the way, the blue checkmark is also included in the subscription of 9.68 euros per month. It was the social media platform’s first subscription plan and is also known as Twitter Blue. That subscription is now being expanded with a cheaper and more expensive version.

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Three euros per month

The cheapest formula is three euros a month. These users get more freedom in message length by eliminating the default message length. In addition, comments from these accounts get a slight boost.

It will continue to be possible to use the social media platform free of charge. Musk last month floated the idea of making X a paid service for everyone to discourage bots administrators from using the platform because of the cost. While it is never certain with Musk what statements will come to fruition, the hope may be that a significant portion will register for the three-euro subscription. That will make the situation controllable if it will eventually become obligatory to pay for the service.

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