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Hugging Face helps Dell customers (and many others) deploy AI on-prem

Hugging Face helps Dell customers (and many others) deploy AI on-prem

Dell Technologies has announced that it is partnering with Hugging Face. Companies can now develop and deploy AI models on-prem via a Dell portal on the Hugging Face AI platform.

Dell promises to provide streamlined on-prem deployment of new LLMs with its new capabilities. Hugging Face’s tools will be made available to refine open-source AI models and tailor them for specific needs. With specially designed containers and scripts, AI deployment with enterprise data should be secure and simple on Dell systems, including servers and storage options.

“Dell Technologies’ GenAI capabilities, combined with Hugging Face’s collection of datasets and libraries, offer users the freedom of open-source GenAI models with the peace of mind of on-premises data security and reliability,” said Jeff Boudreau, chief AI officer, Dell Technologies. “This collaboration translates into enterprises being able to modernize faster by more simply deploying customized GenAI models powered by trusted Dell infrastructure.”

More collaborations

It is not the first partnership the AI platform has made with a tech player: Nvidia, IBM, Meta, AWS and Cloudflare are other examples. The company itself wants to democratize machine learning in a “good” way, allowing only open-source models on its own platform. The Hugging Face team itself consists of 156 people and is said to represent a market value of $4.5 billion currently.

The Dell collaboration demonstrates both parties’ ambitions to make AI more attainable in a variety of ways. Not only by supporting open source, a spearhead of Hugging Face, but also by offering companies much-needed help to deploy AI. After all, the technology can be extremely complex, Dell SVP of AI Strategy Matt Baker points out.

“The only way you can take control of your AI destiny is by building your own AI, not being a user, but being a builder,” Jeff Boudier, head of product at Hugging Face, told VentureBeat this week. “You can only do that with open-source.”

Not only Hugging Face is closing a treasure trove of deals to innovate on AI. Dell joined forces with Meta two weeks ago to make LLaMA 2, that company’s popular open-source model, accessible on-prem. Although the number of Nvidia partners now seems to be infinite, Dell was relatively early with an announcement for on-prem generative AI in May of this year.

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