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Manhattan Associates and Shopify team up for comprehensive e-commerce platform

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Manhattan Associates and Shopify team up for comprehensive e-commerce platform

Manhattan Associates and Shopify are teaming up to build a comprehensive e-commerce platform. With this, they hope to enable retailers to offer their customers the best experiences in every step of the shopping process.

The joint e-commerce platform is intended to provide retailers with complete omnichannel shopping experiences. Nautica, a clothing brand that is part of SPARC Group, will be the first customer.

Combination of solutions

Both parties are joining forces for this collaboration. Manhattan Associates provides the omnichannel ordering solution, while Shopify connects its e-commerce platform to it.

In addition, Manhattan Associates is also adding its proprietary after-sales customer service tools to the new platform. These tools include digital self-service offerings that provide more insight, flexibility and convenience for customers. This responds to current customer behaviour, which is said to demand these improvements.

Shopify benefits from collaboration

According to experts, the collaboration is especially important for the further development of Shopify. After all, that company would like to make its products more attractive to large- and medium-sized retail chains. In addition, it would like its solutions to find traction in certain sub-segments, such as luxury brands.

To do so, Shopify needs to expand its products with more omnichannel shopping capabilities that help retailers increase sales. The deal with Manhattan Associates could help considerably in this regard.

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