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Google renames its AI tools to Gemini

Google renames its AI tools to Gemini

Google is flipping its entire offering of AI tools to Gemini. That impacts the name of the chatbot Bard and the AI assistant in Google Workspace, Duet AI.

Bard, the free version of the AI chatbot, will, from now on, be called Gemini. The company chooses the same name for Duet AI in Google Cloud. We already see this causing a lot of confusion within business contexts,

Earlier this week, the chatbot received an upgrade within Europe to make it run on Gemini Pro. Today, Google is also launching a more powerful AI chatbot called Gemini Advanced. It will run on Gemini Ultra, Google’s most powerful AI chatbot at the moment. The cost for the AI chatbot is $22 per month.

Duet AI disappears

Furthermore, it says goodbye to the name Duet AI. Here, Google opts for the name Gemini for Workspace. This is an AI assistant woven into all Google services. An e-mail in Gmail is written for you after entering a few sentences, and when preparing a presentation in Slides, the assistant makes up all kinds of things for you.

Business and non-business use

Gemini for Workspace will soon be added to the Google One Premium plan. This is a non-business subscription for Google users that also includes access to Gemini Advanced. The costs for this are 21.99 euros per month.

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Google indicates that Gemini for Workspace will not disappear from Workspace subscriptions, but these subscriptions will not provide access to Gemini Advanced. Google clarified this: “Business customers here can access generative AI features in Workspace via an add-on to their Workspace subscription, here.”