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During Google I/O, Google is making all kinds of announcements about its existing range of services and applications. For Google Workspace, the company introduces Duet AI, which can accelerate work in many different ways. You can see it as Google’s answer to Microsoft CoPilot.

Duet AI is basically a rebrand of the AI that Google already used Google Workspace, with some additions. Google doesn’t try to hide that, and admits that the tool has been working behind the scenes to improve Gmail and Docs projects for some time. The idea behind it is that users only need to enter a few words, after which the generative AI tool turns them into a meaningful story. It is now a well-known application of the technology.

More innovative

A more innovative application is that of text-to-image. Duet AI is now in Google Slides to generate images. The example given by the tech giant itself is that of a giraffe standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. Wait a few seconds and voila, you receive what you asked for. It is reminiscent of applications like Stable Diffusion, many of which have come under fire for allegedly violating copyright law. Google, however, emphasizes the “personalized” style that can come from unique prompts.

For Google Sheets, Duet AI is ready to help organize data, something that again is not too startling in the world of AI applications. Still, the same applies to the Google suite as the AI options within Microsoft Office 365: a large group of users can get started right away with an integrated assistant.

There are also innovations for Google Meet and Docs. Unique backgrounds and text writing assistance are among the new features.