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Cognizant and Microsoft are set to work more closely together to make it easier for companies to move to Azure. In addition, the collaboration should help customers better utilize AI capabilities on the cloud platform.

The expansion of the collaboration between Cognizant and Microsoft involves the introduction of a special version of the Cognizant platform, Skygrade, for Microsoft’s public cloud environment.

Launched last year, Skygrade is a multi-hybrid management platform for cloud and edge environments. This platform allows customers to optimize their applications, maximizing hardware utilization. For cloud environments, this can lead to significant cost savings.

Skygrade for Azure features

The Azure version of Skygrade primarily helps companies develop different digital experiences. This is done using ‘Responsible’ AI solutions offered by Microsoft’s public cloud. By ‘Responsible,’ Microsoft understands six principles, which together provide a framework for AI applications running on Azure: fairness, reliability/security, privacy/security, inclusivity, transparency and accountability.

This AI functionality should obviously provide Cognizant customers with more opportunities to enhance their existing services from the IT service provider for modernizing and managing applications.

In addition, the cloud-scale data and modern application platforms present therein can be used for this purpose. They also get access to a complete reference model of the Cognizant Skygrade for Azure Stack environment, including relevant demos.

In addition, the dedicated Azure version of Skygrade offers a suite of tools, processes and standards that specifically target customers already in Azure. These include support for cloud-based migration and optimization processes. This is especially important for intelligently modernizing applications through Azure.

Other capabilities

Furthermore, with the dedicated version for Azure, the Skygrade platform will soon be able to use Azure tooling, such as Azure Migrate. This ensures a complete overview of customers’ data estate and recommend the most favorable migration path for it.

With the integration of Skygrade for Azure with Azure Cloud Native, customers can also save more costs, meet their sustainability goals and discover new business opportunities, both parties indicate.

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