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Ziggo has introduced a new internet subscription called Ziggo Start XXL, which in our opinion is ideal for people who work from home or are self-employed. Although Ziggo also has a business division with different subscriptions, Ziggo also competes with the business market with this new consumer package. The new subscription is identical to the standard Ziggo Start, but with a higher internet speed of 100 Mbit down and 10 Mbit up.

The new subscription cannot yet be found on the Ziggo website, but it can be found on the Ziggo Forum, but unfortunately also with the announcement that it cannot be ordered at the moment because of a malfunction in the back-end systems. Initially, the new subscription could only be ordered through the customer service department, but this has now been stopped, as Ziggo was apparently not yet ready for this new subscription in the back-end. Ziggo Start XXL is only 4,95 euro more expensive than the normal starting subscription, but the speed is 2,5 times higher, from 40/4 Mbit to 100/10 Mbit.

The subscription was most likely born from the high demand from consumers for an interim solution. The difference between the Start and Complete subscription is 15 euros per month and includes a Horizon Box and improved recording and review functions in addition to a higher internet speed (200/20 Mbit). Many customers want the higher speed, but are not waiting for the Horizon box and other extra options.

For most consumers, the Start subscription is more than sufficient. With 40 Mbit down you can do everything you can imagine, even watch multiple 4K Netflix streams. However, for people who work from home or are self-employed and often need to upload large files to the internet, the 4Mbit can be a very slowing down factor. Ziggo Business has solved this by giving the Start subscription a standard speed of 60/10 Mbit. For this, you pay 4.75 euros more including VAT than the consumer starter pack. The new Ziggo Start XXL package for consumers now goes beyond that with 100/10Mbit for only 20 cents more per month than the business starter package.

The new Ziggo Start XXL subscription is a nice middle way, but it does put Ziggo in a difficult position when it comes to the business Start package, which they will now also have to adjust in speed to distinguish it better. In addition, the introduction via the forum and the customer service is a bit of a strange route to take and it is now also causing some problems.

We have tried to get the package from Ziggo, but as the forum says, there are problems in the back-end and we have to try again later.

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