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LinkedIn has launched a new feature that is very reminiscent of the Snapchat Stories. This means that the social network for professionals will join Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and WhatsApp, among others, which had previously developed similar functions.

The newest feature of LinkedIn is Student Voices and is very reminiscent of the Snapchat Stories. The position, as the name suggests, is designed for students and people who have just graduated. At the top of the screen you can see an icon. A click on it leads to a short video in which students have a conversation, for example about their career opportunities.

Increasing career opportunities

A LinkedIn spokesman reports this to the TechCrunch site. The spokesman describes the whole as follows:

It’s a great way for students to build their profile and use this authentic content to show who they are and what their academic and professional experience includes. Thanks to these videos on their profile, students can grow their network, prepare for life after graduation and help potential employers learn more about them.

While Snapchat Stories, and those of the many companies that developed their own versions, disappear after a certain number of hours, this is not the case with Student Voices. These videos will remain on display indefinitely and will therefore be on display for a longer period of time. They must be, because they are designed to help students promote themselves.

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