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Gartner: “Nearly 50 percent of PaaS solutions are now cloud-only.

Gartner: “Nearly 50 percent of PaaS solutions are now cloud-only.

Almost half of today’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings are now cloud-only. That’s what market researcher Gartner is doing in a study. There are currently more than 360 suppliers in 21 market segments, which together offer more than 550 PaaS solutions. 48 percent of them are cloud-only.

According to the market researcher, no supplier has a foothold in all 21 segments. As a result, 90 percent of all suppliers surveyed work within a single PaaS market segment. “Business and tech leaders are shifting to a strategic investment in cloud computing,” said Yefim Natis, research vice president and analyst at Gartner. “Cloud computing is one of the most important disruptive forces in the IT markets that gains the confidence of the mainstream.”

“While multiple organizations expect long-term retention of on-premise computing, vendors of nearly half of the cloud platform offerings are betting on the growth of cloud deployments. They chose the more modern and efficient cloud-only delivery of their capabilities.


Gartner expects enterprise IT spending on cloud-based offerings to outpace non-cloud-based IT offerings by 2022.

This year, market research predicts that the total turnover of the PaaS market will reach 20 billion U.S. dollars. According to Gartner’s forecasts of September 2018, this should grow to a total of 34 billion dollars by 2022. The largest market segment in the shift to the cloud are database and application platform services. The latest components are blockchain, digital experiences, serverless platforms and platform services for artificial intelligence and/or machine learning.

As recently as last year, Gartner predicted that more than 1.3 trillion dollars would be spent on cloud computing in 2022. This represents 28 percent of the most important IT expenditure. The main reason for this shift is that companies spend more on cloud services than on traditional on-premise IT hardware and software. In addition, cloud services make processes faster and more flexible, including paying for actual usage and on-demand capacity.

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