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Windows 10 automatically deletes updates that cause start-up problems

Windows 10 automatically deletes updates that cause start-up problems

Microsoft does everything it can to prevent a Windows 10-update from ending up on a device that is not suitable for that purpose. From now on, it will be possible for Microsoft to remove a problematic update without the need for user interaction.

The function must ensure that updates that are not suitable for a specific device can be deleted, and that they cause major problems. These updates prevent in some extreme cases that a device can still boot up. Because of these start-up problems, it is also not easy for the user to delete the wrong Windows 10 update.

Delete Updates

If a Windows 10 update causes a device to fail to boot properly, the device will give a notification. The text is as follows: We have removed some recently installed updates from your device to avoid boot problems. So if Windows 10 encounters a boot problem, the operating system will try to fix it by removing a recently installed update.

A message on Microsoft’s website shows that this is a last resort. The updates deleted by Windows 10 if the system does not boot properly include device drivers, hotfixes, updated system files, service packages and new Windows features. Microsoft also blocks problematic updates for thirty days. This happens when Windows discovers that an update is causing start-up problems.

This gives Microsoft and our partners the opportunity to investigate the problems and solve them. After thirty days, Windows tries to reinstall the updates, Microsoft writes. In the announcement of this new solution, the company has included a number of links to pages showing how people can manually install drivers. Microsoft also asks users whose device no longer functions properly as a result of an update, to report this via the Windows 10 Feedback Hub.

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