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Both Citrix and VMware have announced that they are bringing their SD-WAN solution to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In addition, Citrix ADC comes to the platform.

According to Citrix, with the expansion to the Google Cloud Platform, it will be possible to provide performance and delivery of applications via modern native cloud networks. The virtual version of Citrix SD-WAN and the virtual Citrix ADC product suite will be available in GCP’s Marketplace next month.

Citrix SD-WAN makes it possible for companies to easily and reliably connect office locations (branches) to GCP. In addition, it should be possible to bring an optimal application experience to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop on GCP, via an integration with HDX that uses the ICA protocol. Companies can also bring “exceptional performance to applications running on GCP” and quickly set up high-availability connections to the Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud.

With ADC, businesses can use a comprehensive, software-centered feature set to provide better application experiences. In addition, organizations can promote operational consistency for deployments on-premises and in the cloud. Access management is also simplified via single sign on and the management of public clouds and on premise environments is done through a single window.


VMware in turn brings SDWAN by VeloCloud to the Google Cloud Platform. Users can simplify, automate and optimize network connections from their location to the cloud, while providing a consistent operational experience.

VMware’s SD-WAN connects the on-premise infrastructure and GCP, creating hybrid cloud deployment in an automated and more secure way. It uses a global network of multi-tenant cloud gateways hosted by VMware. It is therefore not necessary to maintain additional network components within GCP virtual private cloud.

In addition, the challenge of updating firewall rules for new access points when new Google Cloud Services are added is reduced, as the hosted gateways collect the access points for Google Cloud Services. And it extends the segmentation of remote branches to Google Cloud, working seamlessly with the CP VPC Service Controls, enabling overlapping IP support and simplifying application access control configurations.

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