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Windows 10 1809 users on a PC with a USB-C connection may experience a one-minute delay in shutting down their system. Microsoft confirms that.

Philip Froese of Microsoft describes the problem in a blog post. The bug relates to Microsoft’s implementation of Intel’s USB Type-C Connector System Software Interface (UCSI) in Windows 10 1809. This is the update from October last year, which according to AdDuplex figures is currently installed on about a third of all Windows 10 systems.

A bug in the UCSI implementation in Windows 10 version 1809 may cause a 60 second delay in the system’s sleep or shutdown process when power-down occurs while the UCSI software is processing connecting or disconnecting a device to a USB Type C Port, explains Froese.

No damage

However, apart from the delay, the bug would have no other consequences and there is no risk of damage to the system or USB device.

This error does not affect the normal functionality of USB Type-C on your machine. The system and USB Type-C ports must continue to function properly after the system’s next wake-up or restart, ensures Froese.


Only Windows 10 1809 is affected by the problem. Microsoft has addressed the bug in Windows 10 1903, the recent May update that is currently being rolled out to users.

An overview of all the most important new features in that update can be found here: Windows May 10, 2019 update: the main reasons to update

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