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Dynatrace has planned an IPO to the New York Stock Exchange. The software supplier wants to benefit from the increase in increasingly complex infrastructure environments and application architectures.

In the registration statement sent to the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Dynatrace mentions a value of 300 million dollars. The software supplier provides software aimed at application performance management (PPP), artificial intelligence for operations, cloud infrastructure monitoring and digital experience management.

Partner ecosystem

In addition to information about the company’s financial situation, CNN also praises its relationship with resellers, global system integrators, managed service providers and major cloud infrastructure providers. We plan to continue to invest in our partner ecosystem, with a particular focus on expanding our strategic alliances and cloud-focused partnerships, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat OpenShift and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

The integration with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform simplifies development and operational efforts. In addition, it increases visibility and improves situational awareness for customers.

Also, alliances with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Red Hat OpenShift and other Kubernetes environments would provide visibility into modern applications. These are applications built using cloud-native methods that cover multiple infrastructures. In these environments, Dynatrace starts and monitors the entire cloud stack and all applications and containers that run anywhere in the stack. This includes applications and workloads that can cross multiple cloud and hybrid environments, according to the company’s statement in the SEC-focused registration statement.


For business users who still want an on-premises solution for data sovereignty, the company offers Dynatrace Managed. The solution is installed in the company’s data center, but receives monthly updates from the vendor. Moreover, Dynatrace has actively embedded artificial intelligence in its platform as part of an AIOps model. This provides operational teams with better insight into application performance, underlying hybrid cloud infrastructure and user experience.

Traditional approaches

According to the software vendor, point solutions and mish-mashed tooling no longer meet the needs of the company. The company blames this on the arrival of cloud transformation. In addition to modern apps, which are made up of loosely linked microservices. In addition, approval of DevOps practices for rapid releases of software would also be the cause of the change. This includes high expectations for user experience. Traditional approaches to software development, use and monitoring were not designed for the enterprise cloud environment. Traditional monitoring solutions were developed in an era when applications were monolithic. Only rarely were these updated and executed in static data centre environments, according to Dynatrace.

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