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IBM has launched a new open source project that allows all kinds of professionals, from developers to operational teams, to work more closely together in building Kubernetes-based applications. The project is called Kabanero and contains several new open source tools.

These tools include Appsody, Codewind and Razee. These tools are combined with existing features such as Knative, Istio and Tekton, writes Silicon Angle. According to IBM itself, this combination offers an “end-to-end solution to manage, build and deploy the life cycles of Kubernetes-based applications”.

Kabanero is meant to lower the threshold to adopt Kubernetes. A major challenge for enterprises is that different teams have to ensure that security standards are part of the Kubernetes applications, which require a lot of collaboration between the teams and their developers. That could slow down the development pipeline.

Kabanero therefore includes a command line tool called Appsody, which can be used to create microservices that already meet the company’s security standards. Appsody comes with pre-configured stacks and templates for a growing set of popular open source runtimes and frameworks. This provides a foundation on which applications for Kubernetes and Knative can be built.

Codewind and Razee

Also new is Codewind, which offers extensions for popular integrated development environments such as Eclipse, Eclipse Che and VS Code. These environments are used by developers to build their apps. Codewind aims to reduce the learning curve for developers by allowing them to build Kubernetes apps in an environment they already know.

Razee is a last open source tool in Kabanero. Razee offers multi-cluster continuous delivery-tooling for Kubernetes and is used to manage the progress of apps from development and testing to production-deployment.

In addition, IBM today launched the Data Asset eXchange (DAX) for data scientists and developers who need access to open datasets to train artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. DAX is a collection of free and open datasets for enterprises.

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