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IFS has announced a number of application innovations that, according to the company, redefine the meaning of “open” in service management, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM). This is a new approach that makes a total of more than 15,000 native APIs available to users.

IFS has recently joined the OpenAPI initiative (OAI), and the company wants to promote open applications in this context. By giving priority to open applications, IFS wants to be leading in innovation and customer focus, and turns away from customer lock-in.

IFS provides OData-based native RESTful APIs for the entire suite of ERP, EAM and service management products. This means that connecting, expanding or integrating into the IFS core is faster and easier. The APIs have been developed in conjunction with the IFS Aurena user experience, which is now available to all IFS Applications and all customers.

Leaving legacy in the rear-view mirror

“With this approach, IFS is giving its customers 15,000 new ways to flex,” IFS CEO Darren Roos said. “It goes without saying that, as excited as we are about reaching this milestone, the driving force behind our deliveries is our unwavering commitment to offer choice and value to our customers. Providing `open’ solutions is a critical factor in making good on this promise. The quality, pace, and focus of our product development speaks to a business that is outperforming the legacy vendors in the enterprise software space.”

One of the most important updates is support for International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance initiatives in the cloud. Customers who have ITAR obligations, such as those active in or dealing with the U.S. aerospace, defense or government sectors, can confidently implement and use IFS software. This is done in an independent and validated environment, which is fully managed and hosted in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.