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Google announces general availability of Migrate for Anthos

Google announces general availability of Migrate for Anthos

Google has made its Migrate for Anthos service generally available. With this tool, users can move virtual machines from on-premise or Compute Engine directly to containers running in Kubernetes.

In July of this year, Google announced the release of a beta version of Migrate for Anthos. Now, the service has become widely available, the company announced during Cloud Next UK 2019, Silicon Angle reported.

Migrate focuses on Anthos, a service that Google presented in April this year. Anthos runs on top of the container orchestration software for Kubernetes. The service has been developed to host applications that can run on existing on-premise hardware as well as in the cloud, without any changes.

Anthos applications are implemented in software containers, hosting individual components of apps. Developers can use a single set of tools to create and deploy apps, regardless of the infrastructure on which they run.

Migrating existing applications

Anthos makes it particularly easy to create flexible new apps. Google also wants customers to use it to renew existing applications. That’s what Migrate for Anthos is meant for.

Migrate for Anthos should provide a simple way to move virtual machines running on-premise or in the Compute Engine to containers in the Google Kubernetes Engine. It is also possible to migrate virtual machines from other cloud services such as AWS and Azure.

“Migrate for Anthos makes it easy to modernise your applications without a lot of manual effort or specialized training,” said Jennifer Lin, director of product management, and Pali Bhat, vice president of product and design, in a blog post.

Google has made Migrate for Anthos available at no additional cost. The service can be used with or without an Anthos subscription.